Prasanna Ramaswamy’s new play in Tamil to be staged Jan.7 and 8 at Alwarpet venue

68,85,45 + 12 Latcham.

This is what a new Tamil play by the well-known theatre-person Prasanna Ramaswamy is called. It is to be staged on January 7 ( one show at 3 pm) and on 8th ( at 4 pm and 7 pm).

Produced and directed by Prasanna Ramaswamy in collaboration with Chennai Art Theater, the play is to be staged at MEDAI in Alwarpet

The play has a line up of senior actors, singers, and dancers and includes Anita Ratnam, Nikhila Kesavan, Prasanna Ramkumar and Revathy Kumar.

Decorated with the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi award, Prasanna Ramaswamy’s signature of abstraction and stylisation in a post modern style runs through her new play.

And this resident of Mandaveli says she hopes people who watch the play will debate on it. As she says, “Come and engage in a searing political discourse that provokes you to raise questions.”

Tickets are sold at BookmyShow. You can also Whatsapp 9094038623 to get this done.