Want to watch the Republic Day parade? This year, it is not around Gandhi statue off Marina. It is at Labour statue.

If you intend to watch this year’s Republic Day parade, you will have to go to the Labour statue end of the Marina, near the University of Madras campus side, to do so.

This is because of the shift from the traditional flag hoisting and salute base of the R Day parade which was in front of the Gandhi statue.  For some months now, intense work on the Chennai Metro rail line project has been taking place on the Marina lawns and around.

The public is allowed to watch the R Day parade freely, though you cannot go close to the VIP zone.

Contingents of the Indian armed forces, TN Police, Home Guards, Scouts and Guides and scores of school and college teams and cultural troupes are part of the parade and this makes it a colourful affair.

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