Church encourages congregation to put away money, rice, dhall during Lenten season. Meant for the poor.

For Ash Wednesday, at  Our Lady of Guidance Church in R.A. Puram, there were two services, one at 6 a.m. and one at 6.15 p.m. Ashes were smeared by the priests on the foreheads of the congregation to signify that man is dust and to dust he shall return.

Fr. Y. F . Bosco, parish priest here said that parishioners are encouraged to do acts of charity during the Lenten season.
Each family has been given a Lenten donation-box to collect money. They are also encouraged to put in a handful of rice in a bag each day and set it apart for charity. This bag and the money-box will be collected on Maundy Thursday, fag end of the season, and  distributed to the poor.
The Way of the Cross service and Holy Mass will be held here every week at 6.15 p.m in English on Thursday and in Thamizh on Friday.
There will be a Lenten pilgrimage  March 5, visiting many shrines in neighbouring districts.
– By Juliana Sridhar

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