Want to partner visually impaired person on a car rally on Feb.26? Sign up here.

The National Association for the Blind, O2 health studio and Madras Motor Sports Club are hosting the 32nd car rally – Braille on Wheels – for the visually challenged in Chennai.

The event will be held on Feb. 26 from 9 am onwards from Savera Hotel, 146, Dr. Radhakrishnan Road.

The car rally brings together the visually impaired and the people with eyesight. The navigator and the driver are mutually dependent during the drive. The navigator has to read out the instructions which are in Braille for the driver to follow the rally route.Each team member contributes to a smooth ride, as per their physical ability.

With the navigator and the driver having a common goal, their interaction for over two days during the ‘dummy rally’ and the actual event gives rise to a camaraderie which often develops into a strong friendship, as per the organisers.

The event aims to make the visually impaired feel wanted.

“We look forward to greater support and encouragement to build upon our activities by getting more volunteers as well as increased participation of the beneficiaries and the community in general,” said Nina Reddy, president, National Association for the Blind, Tamil Nadu state branch.

 For more details, contact  – 9710947355 / 9841079163

  • Photo courtesy: The Drive
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