New Deputy Commissioner of Police says top priority is to curb cybercrime. “Call 1930 when your are in trouble online.”

From a caste crime-intense Tirunelveli region to the heart of a metro and the traditional heartland of Mylapore, it is probably an extreme shift for Rajat Chaturvedi who took charge as the Deputy Commissioner of Police – Mylapore in January this year.

He told Mylapore Times in an interaction on Saturday that high on his priority list is to bring down the rate of cybercrime in the Mylapore region.

“There is little awareness among people who are in trouble online,” he says.

He says people being easily conned online.

“I want to educate people on the preventive steps to safeguard themselves from online crimes. There is a 1930 number to call and report immediately and people should use this service.”

Police office Rajat, a computer engineer from Mathura, believes that technology can play a big role in reducing crimes.

His vision for the Mylapore zone is to strengthen the cyber police stations. He is keen to execute the LIVE Mobile tracking system for lost phone cases to help faster recovery.

He is also pushing for his team members to increase the usage of the Smart Kaavalar Mobile App “I believe that such apps will be the biggest aid for police in tracking criminals in future.”

Aim to reduce Vehicle Thefts, Chain Snatching

He is currently in the process of increasing the number of CCTV cameras in the Mylapore zone.

“By end of March, the plan is to install high end 8 MB CCTV cameras at 135 locations on the streets of Mylapore. This will act as a deterrent for the wrong doers and is a big step in crime prevention as well as detection.

“Also, the monitoring control of the CCTVs has been moved to our office on Kutchery Road. This will lead to a faster resolution of crimes through instant actions” says Rajat.

Making Marina Safe

He aims to make the Marina  beach a safe place for people and is confident he will be able to bring down the crime rates on the beach.

He says he is now planning to secure an ‘All Terrain Vehicle’ for his team so they could drive on the sand while on their crowd management duty.

He has also deployed teams to reduce crimes along the Marina and says that he is already seeing positive results.

  • Story, photo by S Prabhu

2 Comments on “New Deputy Commissioner of Police says top priority is to curb cybercrime. “Call 1930 when your are in trouble online.””

  1. As my experience in previous month i was cheated by ad on Google.I tried to contact on 1930 that police was saying you should speak in Tamil only i could not speak.other guy received my phone he heard and disconnected call.onliecyber portal was also not working.i was in traveling in tamilnadu.after coming maharashtra i dialled 1930 what happened i don’t know but just call was attended but no sound from other side

  2. Cybercrime is gnawing into the vitals of the economy in India. The regions where the culprits are hanging out is well known to law enforcement, and unable to bring the criminals to book. Matter of time before we get to the condition of Lebanon, or that of our neighbours Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

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