Tribute: K. R. Srinivasan, automobile industry expert

A senior professional in the Indian automobile industry, K. R. Srinivasan of Mylapore passed away on March 8. He was 75.

He retired as vice president in Mitsubishi Electric Automotive after career stints at Ashok Leyland and UCAL. He was known and respected by the top executives of all the automobile industry leaders in India.

Srinivasan was a resident of Pattammal Street from 1958. His father, K. S. Rengaswamy who came to Madras to work for the Accountant – General’s Office settled down in the heart of Mylapore in the 1950s.

Srinivasan was a school topper in Rajah Muthiah High School in 1963.

He graduated from IIT Madras in 1969 and found his place in the automobile sector.

Post – retirement, his family said he served many social causes.

His son Aravind says that in particular, he guided many poor students so they could do better in their examinations and he prepared them for job interviews.

He also conducted special classes in spoken English for students of Rajah Muthiah High School.

Said Aravind, “His services in the educational sector were pro bono. He was soft-spoken and a voracious reader. It is said of him that he was always fond of either reading a book or helping poor students in their studies.”

Srinivasan enjoyed Carnatic music kutcheris, went for long walks in neighbourhood parks and spent time with his grandchildren. The family continues to reside at 3/2, Pattammal Street.

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