‘Ghatam’ V. Suresh shares his choice memories of late vidwan Karaikudi R. Mani

Many Carnatic music artistes have been recalling their association and memories with mridangam vidwan Karaikudi R. Mani of Jeth Nagar, Mandaveli who passed away this week.

His colleague for over four decades, ‘Ghatan’ V. Suresh, also a Mylaporean says that when Mani came under the influence of swami Surajananda, his life took a different course. “He was a deeply spiritual person now,” says Suresh.

Suresh says Mani was very passionate and disciplined about his music. “So at concerts while he gave it his all, he expected his fellow artistes to do the same,” says Suresh.

For decades, Mani loved to have Vikku Vinayakram on ghatam and Harishankar on kanjira, as accompanists.

Also, Mani treated his artistes well when on tours, paying them and feeding them well. “On Europe tours, one bag was for spices and masalas,” recalls Suresh.

“We would enjoy cooking Indian food and also offer it to foreign artistes. Once he loved your work and your music, you became his close friend.”

Suresh says Mani’s last album was released three weeks ago. Based on ‘Raghuveera gadyam’, the Sanskrit work on Sri Vedantha Desikar.

“The Sanskrit verses are a challenge but Mani sir has recited them well,” says Suresh.

Here is the news of his death Mylapore Times reported – https://www.mylaporetimes.com/2023/05/mridangam-vidwan-karaikudi-r-mani-passes-away/

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