Sri Kapaleeswarar Vasantha Utsavam ends: historical Thiruveezhimizhalai episode thiru kolam highlight of the finale

The special Thiru Kolam relating to the historical episode that took place at Thiruveezhimizhalai was the highlight on Friday evening at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

After Vishnu’s chakra was taken away by an asura, he performed abhisekam for Shiva presenting a 1000 lotus flowers at Thiruveezhimizhalai.

When one lotus was short, he presented his own eye as the 1000th lotus. Delighted with this gesture, Shiva battled the asura and secured back the chakra for Vishnu.

“We decided to present this episode to the devotees so they understood it well,” said hereditary priest E Venkatasubramanian Shivachariar.

Devotees were awestruck with the Thiru Kolam where Shiva was seen holding the Chakra, his feet with Vishnu’s eye and Vishnu’s right index finger sans the Chakra.

The pancha moorthy procession around the Mada Streets on a cloudy Chitra Pournami evening marked the end of the Vasantha utsavam for Kapaleeswarar

The 14-day Vasantha Utsavam for Singaravelar starts on Saturday

  • Story, Photo by S Prabhu
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