Poems. By Priyadharshini R.


by Priyadharshini R.

To Tigers Like You

To tigers like you,
I need to say few.
The pain you go through,
Isn’t in our point of view.
People’s apology is due,
I know it’s true.
Not in jungle we grew,
To suffer the pain like you.
Hope you pursue,
Once happily leave the zoo.

It’s okay…

It’s ok if you feel sad,
It’s ok if your day is bad.
It’s ok if you want to be alone,
It’s ok if the wind of loneliness is being blown.
It’s ok to cry all day,
It’s ok if you have a lot to say.
It’s ok if u fail,
It’s ok if you imagine in your sail.
It’s ok to love others,
It’s ok even if your life shatters.
It’s ok until you are alive,
It’s ok until you continuously strive.

  • Priyadharshini R. resides in Visalakshi Nagar, Mylapore and studies at Sri Sankara Senior Sec. School.
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