This San Thome church turns lively May mornings. Because of children at Bible School camp

A church is a place for prayer and worship.
But this church turns into something else in summer.
The Vacation Bible School being conducted at the CSI St. Thomas English Church in San Thome  brings a liveliness to the sacred space, created by children attending this camp.
The directors of this camp are  Hannah Rosaline and Roopa Daniel (associate).
There are 90 children in 5 classes. There are 20 teachers and volunteers with support staff who handle classes.
They are conducted for children between 3 and 18 years. The camp began on May 3 and will continue till May 13 (Timings : 9:00 am to 12:30 pm).
The day starts off with time off singing. Then children attend Bible study classes. They are taught Bible passages in the form of a story.
The day often ends with either a magic or a puppet show or a moral story-telling session.
– Report, photo ; Smruthy Mahesh; she is a student trainee at Mylapore Times

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