Watch large flock of birds in Adyar’s estuarine waters every morning

Here is a summertime sight you may want to enjoy. But you must be up early to be lucky.

Around six in the morning, a large flock of birds can be seen in the estuarine waters of the Adyar river and you can sight them on the bridge that leads from Karpagam Avenue to the Mandaveli side.

The birds include herons, kingfishers, pelicans, wood peckers and cranes.

The waters are part of the sprawling Tholkappia Poonga ( Adyar Poonga) nature reserve that was restored from a marshy wasteland some years ago.

“I love taking my morning walks across this bridge. Being a nature lover, I stop to see these birds “ said Mahesh a resident of Karpagam Avenue.

 Rajeshwari another resident says she too enjoys the sight of the birds. “But I wish people do not litter here and leave a mess on the bridge.”

Another place to watch the birds, best done in the evening, at dusk, is from the pavement on D. G. S. Dhinakaran Road, near the South Canal Bank Road junction.

  • Report and photo by Smruthy Mahesh, student trainee journalist

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