Mylapore-based Badri Seshadri, publisher and political commentator, arrested

Badri Seshadri, books publisher and political commentator was arrested by state police early on Saturday and taken to Perambalur. He resides in Mylapore.

The arrest has been made based on a complaint filed by an advocate in Perambalur, Tamil Nadu against Seshadri for being critical of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of India on a case related to Manipur.

Seshadri is said to have aired his views on a YouTube channel.

For some years now, Seshadri has been actively sharing his views on TV as well as online channels besides posting them on his social media pages.


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One Comment on “Mylapore-based Badri Seshadri, publisher and political commentator, arrested”

  1. This is nothing but a vindictive act of the ruling party which is always for stifling any voice of dissent, that too from a knowledgeable person who is critical of the State Government policies and projects and has the guts to voice them openly. With all their tall claims for ‘Freedom of Expression, Freedom of thee Fourth Pillar and now with this arrest the State Government stands utterly exposed.

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