Virtuoso guitarist and award-winning composer, Matt Bacon performs at R. A. Puram venue. Sept.21

InKo Centre in Boat Club zone of R. A. Puram continues its AccessMusic series that aims to provide talented, emerging musicians with a space to share original scores and songwriting.

On Thursday, September 21 at 7.00 pm, its presents a concert by virtuoso guitarist and award-
winning composer, Matt Bacon. The show is open to all and is held in an intimate setting at InKo.

It is presented in collaboration with Unwind Centre, Chennai.

Matt Bacon has served as the head guitar faculty at A R Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory since 2015. He plays classical, Spanish, acoustic, electric, bass and 12- string guitar, has many of his songs hugely checked out online and has also played for the music production of Thamizh films.

For further information, contact InKo Centre – 24361224; Email:

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