Kolu bommai bazaar heats up with hard sales. Watch Videos on the Sales.

With a week to go for the start of Navaratri, hawkers who are selling kolu bommais on North Mada Street have pulled out the latest boxes of bommais on Sunday to draw shoppers and push sales.

On the weekend, the rush by shoppers was big as people walked up and down the street to first take a look at what is on sale ad the choose what they wanted.

Many hawkers had been trying to sell bommais that had been left over from last year’s sale till Friday but now, the smart ones added the latest arrivals to the make-shift stalls.

There was a lot of hard bargaining that we witnessed even as bikes and cars got trapped in traffic jams.

WATCH. a three part video presented by V. Soundarani on the what she observed at the stalls of kolu bommais. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y21IJksu8Y8