Songs for Navaratri: to be launched online by Jaysri Jeyaraaj Krishnan

Classical music artiste and teacher Jaysri Jeyaraaj Krishnan is releasing a new set of songs timed for the Navaratri season this year.
The Varahi Navarathri Vibhakti kritis have been composed by Jaysri and sung by her along with her disciples, to the accompaniment of the veena and  the mridangam.
States a note shared by the artiste – this is a set of 11 kritis, in rare ragams such as Vanamali, Vaishnavi and Vageeshwari etc, which begin with the syllable “va” as a dedication to goddess Varahi, whose name in itself starts with the syllable “va”.
All the kritis will be featured on the YouTube channel of  Veenavaadhini (founded by vainikas Jeyaraaj and Jaysri), with the launch of the first song on mahalaya amavasya day –  one kriti will be released every day of Navarathri until Vijaya Dasami.
These are the artistes featured in this production – Vocal –
Vocal – Jaysri Jeyaraaj Krishnan, H R Kamakshi, H R Meenakshi, Aarti Ananthakrishnan, Malini Hari.
Veena – Veena Venkatramani
Mridangam – S J Arjun Ganesh
Script and narration – Geetha Venkataraman