Chennai Metro; major, multiple traffic movement changes expected this weekend. Will last for over two years.

Major traffic movement changes are expected this weekend in areas like R K Mutt Road, Mandaveli, Luz, Mylapore, R. H. Road and Dr Radhakrishnan Salai in connection with Chennai Metro’s rail line work.

Over the past 24 hours, Chennai Metro has been sharing details and maps on the major changes with some institutions where there are large numbers of people at work / study.

In one communication that was shared by a campus, a map showing the major changes has been posted.

One part of the flyover that runs off R K Road / V M Street will be brought down, we hear for the Metro rail work. hence, key traffic movements off Dr R K Salai have been planned.

Since Luz Circle is to be a major arena of work, what with two stations underground planned here,  traffic will be curtailed on R K Mutt Road between the tank zone of Sri Kapali Temple and Luz Circle.

Traffic will be made to take inner streets of Warren Road and Dr Ranga Road and Luz Avenue and these areas are going to be abuzz over the next 2/3 years.

Mandaveli being the arena for an underground station, traffic flow is being diverted here too – already many par6ts have been barricaded now.

One hears the changes are due on Nov.25 but Chennai Metro has still not formally communicated to the neighbourhood the changes on the anvil.