Chennai Metro: As underground boring goes on in Mandaveli, problems crop up

As the TBM ( tunnel boring machine) inches closer to the proposed Mandaveli station of Chennai Metro line ( one line is under construction; another will be created later), problems continue to happen in these areas.

In recent days, soil has sprung out like a spring in areas like Robertson Lane due to the underground boring work and Metro workers have resorted to grouting in many spots to stabilise the earth. Later, the loose earth was set right.

Having learnt new lessons during the tunnel boring work from the Adyar Poonga side to Raja Street side, Metro engineers are now better placed to address the issues quickly.

Some residents in the Robertson Lane we spoke to said they had not come across houses / flats affected by the tunnel boring and of Metro setting up supports in houses / apartments.

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  1. As the CMRL work continued in an around Mylapore, MTC buses played between Luz Nageshwara Park to Mandaveli Rly Stn, MTC buses drivers are driving like Highways, not even bothered to slow down @ couple of junctions( CV Raman Rd – Bhakthavachallam Rd Jn, Dr. Ranga Rd – Warren Rd Jn,- Bhakthavachallam Rd Jn, East Abhiramapuram Rd Dr. Ranga Rd jn), are potential spots for accidents,( School going Kids by cycle, 2 wheeler users will feel safe driving, Authorities from GCC should order lay Speed breakers at these Jn to avoid any mishap.

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