Monsoon 2023: rainwater flows into Chitrakulam from four sides, water level grows

Just as the water level is rising steadily in the tank of Sri Kapali Temple so is the level of water in the Chitrakulam. The past few days, though the rains have been light and heavy in parts, water has been flowing into this tank.

The flow is not heavy but appreciable. As on Nov.15, only four  levels of the top steps could be seen above the water, on one side of the tank.

The rainwater flows in from all four sides; water that falls on the streets alongside the tank.

When R. Natraj was Mylapore MLA, he had supervised the civil work to create inlets from the street sides into the tank and these channel the water now.

Lots of fish are seen in the tank. But sadly, many hawkers continue to throw waste into it and pollute the waters.

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