Soorasamharam enactment on Mada Street draws big crowd

It was an eventful weekend at Sri Kapali Temple in Mylapore, which was a culmination of the Skanda Shasti festival.

It began with the drama of the Soorasamharam enactment on Saturday evening on North Mada Street.

Though the Met Department predicted steady rain, the evening was spared of this weather and so a goodly crowd of over 1000 people gathered at the north-middle section of this busy street to watch the spectacle where lord Muruga lays low, the asuras.

The drama unfolded as the lord was brought in a procession from the temple to the street. Later, the cart. carrying what is meant to be the body of an asura was rolled in and in turns, volunteers fixed the head of each asura on the body and played out the act of the fight.

There were many children in the crowd and they got themselves a front line space to watch the spectacle that evening.

On Sunday, the ritual and ceremonies of the thirukalyanam were held in the temple.

The Shasti celebrations were also held at Sri Velleeswarar Temple, Mylapore, with Thirukalyanam held on Sunday evening. ( photo below)

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