Chennai Metro: Luz Circle barricading gets tighter. Work stations set up.

Luz Circle zone is almost an island now.

It has been barricaded on all sides to allow the contractors of Chennai Metro start the first phase of what will be a challenging, long-drawn and intensive work to construct two rail stations for the two lines that will intersect in a way at this junction.

The lines running north to south, and east to west.

The barricades are now firmly in place though bikes and cycles can squeeze their way through – but this will be possible only for some days before the area becomes a No Go Zone.

On the weekend, barricades came up just outside ThiruMylai MRTS station and at the R K Mutt Road – North Mada Street junction.

Large container-like work stations have already been located in this area. More equipment will arrive here, transported at night.

In a fortnight, this zone will look like an industrial work space.

No Go Zones are also being tightened on Kutchery Road and on Luz Church Road.

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  1. CMRL should arrange mini bus service between 4 mada streets and also towards Luz corner/Mandaveli. Senior citizen who couldn’t walk much distance to catch the bus to various destinations. For example there is no transport facility available for Vada palani/T Nagar from Mylapore. MTC may operate mini bus services till the metro work will be completed.

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