Chennai Metro designates Baskar Seshadri as Public Observer. He withdraws from the responsibility

Community activist Baskar Seshadri has been formally designated by Chennai Metro as a Public Observer of its rail projects in the greater Mylapore zone.

Baskar himself made this public on his social media page on Sunday.

But in less than 24 hours, he surrendered the designation card. He said – Since there has been some objection from some quarters on my inclusion as “Public Observer” I decided to surrender the Identity Card to the agencies concerned.’

He said that he was given the card since ‘the officials of CMRL and project contractors were happy with the efforts he has taken to share the inputs of their projects.’

Said Baskar, a resident of Thiruvengadam Street, ‘I always ensure that all my ideas and thoughts are public-oriented.  I hope i can do my best as long as my health permits.’

For decades now, this Mylaporean has been a busy bee, doing the rounds of the neighbourhood to spot and document serious civic issues, attend meetings and report issues on social media and in print. All voluntarily.

He has also been a social worker, giving immensely during the pandemic years

If people are interested to share any information, primarily now on issues related to Chennai Metro they can reach Baskar at 98410 33888 .

  • This report, posted on Sunday evening was updated on Monday noontime

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  1. The New road diversions are difficult but i agree it’s all for our good but the roads must be made viable and traffic must be free flowing for which the police must regulate the traffic on VM Street and kalvivaaru street and see to it one way is being strictly followed instead of penalising 2 wheelers who take the no free left turn near Chennai Citi centre. These roads are rampantly used by motorists and autos by easily using the road both ways on a no entry road

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