Chennai Metro: key bus stops taken down. Kindle memories of bus travel from this junction

Lots of landmarks, small and large, in Luz Circle have disappeared or are being brought down. And with this, memories are being rekindled among Mylaporeans.

All this due to the Chennai Metro work, with two major underground stations to be built in Luz.

This week, workers brought down the twin bus stops opposite Kamadhenu wedding hall, alongside Hotel Sukha Nivas / Rex Fashion store.

This has been a vital bus stop for many people, over generations. And once the share taxis / vans also began transporting people, some taking them to K K Nagar for a mere Rs.40, the stops also became the hub for these vans.

Old timers recall the era when the area where Navashakthi Vinayaka Temple stands today, used to be, first a goda gaddi ( horse carriage ) stand and then a taxi stand.

Said Prashanth Bala, “My favourite place, as I used to take bus here in my school days.”

  • Report, photo; Baskar Seshadri


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  1. It is a place with good memories.During my college days I have had break fast and lunch from hotel sukh nivas ,Sangeetha and Murudies.

    1. I used to come to Sukha Nivas with my classmates for snacks when I was studying In Vivekananda college way back in 1962. I was as surprised to see that Sukha Nivas still surviving when Zi happened to pass by last year. Very cheap and decent food….

  2. 21C Half decker Red Lady would head for Custom House,via High Court.
    Popular with Advocates.
    Mylapore Pharmacy
    Luz Pharmacy
    National Leather Works were other landmarks.
    Bus services like 3,4 12B, 23A,41 and 45,served the area.
    Those were really the days!

  3. Not sure whether this issue has been reported. Since last week metro water piped supply has been reduced. Before summer we are now compelled to buy the tanker. Seems issue for many areas. Complaint registered but no response. Local staff are also unaware of the cause

    1. Sir, I’m from Mandavelipakkam and I’m facing the same issue here, but neighbors are getting enough I believe. Our sump is dry for the past 1 week.

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