Chennai Metro: squeezing your way to Luz Circle at some risk

So you want to get your way to Luz Circle from the Luz Church Road or the R K Mutt Road side even after the barricades for Chennai Metro work have boxed all of this space?

You can do it, on foot or on your cycle or bike. But at great risk.

And people are still doing this just to carry on the way they did pre-Chennai Mero days. But it is not a pleasant effort.

The pavement alongside Nehru News Mart and Hotel Sukha Niwas was always been narrow with hawker stalls all over. These hawkers have not packed up yet though hawking is near nil now; they have been seeking alternate spaces and even staged protests.

The pavement is now used to drive down.

The huge barricades off the pavement, on Luz Church Road also leaves space two-feet wide. Motorists and pedestrians continue to squeeze their way to access Luz Circle, R K Mutt Road and Mada Street zone.

  • Report, photo by Baskar Seshadri

One Comment on “Chennai Metro: squeezing your way to Luz Circle at some risk”

  1. Sir, the strip allowed for passage of pedestrians , cyclists and 2 wheelers is a dangerous idea.

    I have stopped walking to Luz to get my usual stuff…like Mylapore Times, fruits and Readers Digest once a month from Nehru news Mart.
    Firstly the tiles of the pavement are pulled out and placed without being cemented in front of Nehru News Mart. It makes it easy to slip, trip and fall.

    Next the narrow passageway is so narrow that pedestrians can justifiably walk. But again the road is not walk friendly…with cables and stones jutting. Dangers of falling.
    On Saturday i went as MT was not available in Nilgiris in Santhome. I walked and found the marshals allowing 2Wheelers to go and then stopping them and allowing pedestrians. As I walked in the two wheelers were allowed and honked my ear out…..
    I tripped and felt very let down.
    The trees which had a role in controlling traffic are gone. Making the whole area a hot furnace.
    Next the roads are so dangerous and 2 wheelers being allowed is a very shabby idea which cares nothing about safety but the project.

    Kutchery road near Bazaar road as well is same story.
    Safety is highly underated.
    No one is happy .
    I travel to Luz for Mylapore Times and Adyar for other things.
    Who asked for Metro here when we were happy with buses, autos and trains…..? Oft heard sigh.

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