Jail term for S. Ve. Shekher. Case: sharing derogatory post on women journalists

Actor-politician S. Ve. Shekher has been convicted and sentenced to simple imprisonment for one month by a special court in a case where he shared on his social media page a derogatory post on women journalists.

The court on Monday ( Feb.19) suspended the sentence to enable Shekher to appeal before the High Court within 30 days.

Shekher’s stand was that in 2018, he got a message from a friend and he forwarded it to his page, assuming it was yet another positive message that the friend always shared. But once he got to know the message was in bad taste, he removed it.

A case was registered by TN Cyber Crime Police following a complaint from a journalists’ association.

In August 2023, the Supreme Court refused to quash the case and the trial was held in a special court in the city that hears cases against sitting and former MLAs and MPs.

Shekher was a MLA of the Mylapore constituency. He is now with the BJP. He resides in Mandavelipakkam.

His advocate has said they will file an appeal seeking a stay on this order.