Sunday’s Art Fest at park was platform for 87 artists. Drew big crowd in the evening

It was a rather stuffy, hot day, this Sunday, February 25 and so, the shade that the trees inside Nageswara Rao Park provided was a big relied to artists and visitors at the 2024 edition of Art Fest that was held in the park through the day.

87 artists, some from across Tamil Nadu, exhibited their works, for people to see, admire, discuss about and place orders too.

Art Fest, a not-for-profit platform promoted by Mylapore Times newspaper, with artist Ganapathy Subramaniam, sets up a platform in public space for artists and invites people to the annual show.

There were works of all kinds – miniatures, drawings and illustrations, visuals of common elements and India’s landmarks, works from chalk, landscapes and more.

Artists used the space of 6feet given to them in one zone of this verdant park to display their works, for this show that began at 10 a.m.

Visitors were thin in the morning but the area packed tight after 4 p.m.

“This is a lovely opportunity for artists like us,” said one artist who with three others, all hailing from Oddanchattram, wellknown for its wholesale vegetable market, took the overnight train to take part in this show.

Besides full-time artists, there were students of art, hobby artists and designers who took part.

Said Mylapore-based Dharshni, a Stella Maris fine arts students, who with a few others took part, “This show was very useful for people like us. It was organised well and the exposure we got was good.”

Two, free workshops for children were also held. Both conducted by artist and social activist Shreya Suraj.

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