Chennai Metro: grouting work is on in many spots of Mandaveli south

Chennai Metro contractors working in the south-east zone of Mandaveli have been a busy lot for some weeks now. Teams are busy undertaking grouting work.

This follows a fallout from the underground boring work needed to set up space for the rail lines.

Boring had begun from the Metro hub opposite Jesus Calls campus (what used to be to be a GCC playground) and covered the area under Tholkappia Poonga and was to proceed under T. P. Scheme Road and Raja Street zones in Mandaveli.

But problems showed up when the work reached the T. P. Scheme Road, off R. K. Mutt Road. 

In late December 2024, cracks appeared on a large office block on T. P. Scheme Road  which houses some offices related to the state. When residents who got curious sought to probe, they were not given access but a source showed them visuals of the cracks.

Later, Metro engineers revealed in private that Metro had responded to the development and sought entry and work permit in that campus but couldn’t succeed. Weeks ago, Metro got access and grouting was done here. Grouting was also done in T. P. Scheme Road zone and is now on on Raja Street.

Workers are digging deep vents where cement is pumped in high pressure so as to strengthen the ground and fill air cavities in the earth.

Residents have been told that grouting strengthens the earth so that the tunnel boring machine can do its job safely and easily.

Grouting may also have to be done inside private residences in this zone. Some residents are thwarting this without understanding the importance for the Metro project. Others wonder if their blocks will also suffer cracks.

Community leaders here say Metro engineers have been briefing people and seeking co-operation