Panguni festival 2024: processions of the punnai-maram, sooriya-vattam

Thousands of people streamed into Sri Kapali Temple on Saturday evening ( March 16) and remained patient for the giant curtain to go up and reveal the splendour of the lord on the punnai-maram vahanam for the day’s procession of the Panguni festival.

After the aarati, the procession moved every slowly, led by the nadaswaram-tavil artistes, slipping out of the east gate and resting in the 16-pillar mantap before its onward journey through the mada streets.

On Sunday morning, the sooriyan-vattam procession was taken out, and being a holiday a good number of people lined the streets to pray, make offerings and be blessed.

Many Shiva bhakta – musicians led the procession with music, and this included a group of young women too.

And a cute sight – a group of children enjoying the ride on the vahanam series, seated behind one of them.