Residents join councillor, engineers to walk around Jeth Nagar; look at and address civic issues

Last weekend, councillor Amirda Varshin of Ward 126 led a morning walk across the ward’s Jeth Nagar to understand the local civic issues. Joining her were local area government agencies’ staff and residents.

A few key issues were highlighted in the areas that are affected and these were –

Local area roads dug up for various needs and this work happens in ‘installments’ over the past month.

Avenue trees need trimming by the GCC as they cover street lights and CCTV cams

Metrowater inflow has been very poor inside the colony in recent times.

Encroachments in streets to be removed.

Residents have requested the councillor to share budget approvals for road relaying in Jethnagar. Said Ravi Nandyala, Jeth Nagar association member,  “Though the community association has written to senior officers / engineers on core issues, there is no response.”

The state agency staff who were on this ‘walk’ included Muthiah, AEE of GCC, Bhupalan, Urbaser supervisor and Gopi, AE of GCC.