Elections 2024: ‘missing’ names in voters list

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<< Balasubramaniam, R K Nagar, R A Puram /  April 16 morning

Many names are missing from the voters list although people have Voter Card and voted in last election.
People who are sick / disabled by accidents/ mobility limited wonder if some assistance will be there for them.
Many seniors who were in 80s / 90s, missed giving Form 12 D and are keen to vote but that looks dim.
If people’s names are not in the voters list, even holding a valid ID card may not ensure voting will be permitted by staff. Also, headaches in cases where voters’ names were shifted from one booth to another – people had to hop and hop to locate the booths where their names figured. People may just give up.

<< Ganga Sridhar, Mandaveli / reporting on April 16 morning

We have observed that names of some of our voters who are alive and well have been deleted from the voters list for no reason, while the ‘dead’ continue to be in the list for many years inspite of updating.

The ‘missing’ voters were there in the list during the 2021 election.
The explanation being given is that the ‘missing’ people’s photo was an old one so their names got deleted from the list. That this is how the system works.

This has terribly affected the seniors who see their names missing from the list while they are still alive.

<< Madhan Kumar/ Mylapore Times/ Reporting on April 15

Poll staff had a final demo-cum-training session at Rani Meyyammai Girls School on the weekend. Officials went through the motions to let teacher / govt. staff/ others understand how the EVMs and paper trail machines work and how voting is conducted.

Classrooms here were packed that day for the training.

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