Rosary Matric school girls vote for their leaders

A long-standing campus tradition followed at Rosary Matric Girls School in San Thome is the holding of elections of student leaders; it takes place days after the new academic year begins.

The 2024- ’25 election was held on June 22, a Saturday. That morning senior students got to vote for their leaders and later, around noontime, the winners were declared.

Anaa V. of Class XI was chosen as School Pupil Leader and Padma Yazhini P. of Class IX was chosen as Asst. School Pupil Leader, They were formally crowned on stage by the school principal, Sister Vensi Sahayarani and the event took place in the presence of the senior students and school teachers.

The elected girls made short speeches and then their well-wishers broke into a celebratory jig.

The school says that a few girls are nominated for the posts and given a few hours to campaign inside the campus, while adhering to a few simple rules.  On polling day, students in senior classes queue to cast their ballot.


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