Prayer to the Amman. Tradition observed in Srinivasapuram.

Community beliefs and traditions come to play in some colonies during the lockdown.

In Srinivasapuram, a colony of over 20,000 people in the strip of land off the sea in Foreshore Estate area, rituals are practiced often.

Last Sunday, the women residents in many a home here prayed to the Amman goddess in their spaces and did so after the koozhu which is offered to the Amman during the Aadi period was cooked.

The koozhu was later shared and consumed.

“Our belief is that the Amman will protect from the virus,” a woman here told this reporter.

In the past, in some areas of Mylapore women have made a mix of turmeric and neem and splashed the water on streets of their colony in their belief that this will ward off the illness.

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