S. Ve. Shekher joins Congress (I) party

Mylapore MLA S. Ve. Shekher formally joined the Congress (I) party at the party’s headquarters in Chennai on Sunday.

The event got a lot of media attention, with pictures of Shekher posing with the top Congress (I) leaders of Tamil Nadu published in the local dailies.

Union minister G. K. Vasan handed over the party card to the actor who has remained unattached as a MLA after the AIADMK party, of which he was a member had sacked him.

Also present at the Sunday event were party head K. V. Thangkabalu and veteran Kumari Ananthan.

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2 Comments on “S. Ve. Shekher joins Congress (I) party”

  1. S.Ve.Sekar forgot his constituency, his people, his party, and finally the DMK whom he was dallying with. It is time to forget him.

  2. Vincent D Souza has given a good account of SV Shekar MLA in AT Dt 6th! S.Ve Shekar MLA from Mylapore has joined the Congress party officially on Sunday 6th of Feb and put a full stop to many speculations that he would join the DMK. SVe has been a very famous comedian from the stage and films and also the small screen.
    Already the ruling Congress is having a number of comedians in politics such as Kapil Sibal who is good at making very witty statements often.But it is good in one way that SV has now chosen a national and ruling
    party and one hopes the comedian actor who is already doing some kind of good service will continue to serve the society with usual zeal and enthusiasm.We wish SV all the best now


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