Elections 2011: who are the candidates for Mylapore?

Who are going to be the candidates in the Mylapore Assembly constituency for the 2011 elections?

Mylapore will witness a Congress(I) vs. AIADMK fight it appears now.

The sitting MLA, S. Ve. Shekhar, a Mylaporean was elected on the AIADMK ticket in the last election. He bucked the DMK wave then. A year ago, Shekher chose to be an ‘unattached’ MLA after moving away from the AIADMK.

He recently joined the Congress (I).

Shekher’s name is doing the rounds now – that he may be chosen if the Congress (I) gets Mylapore. The constituencies are being chosen and finalised after talks with its ally, the DMK.

Congressmen have their own names for this area and the list will have to be vetted in Delhi.

Mylapore has been the DMK’s bastion for some years in the past. Ramajeyam, another Mylaporean held it. He is no more.

Here is news from the opposition side led by the AIADMK – the party named advocate Janaki as the candidate last week but changes are expected as the talks with allies kept going up and down and seats identification was not firmed up.

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