Full Carnatic music concert based on Vedantha

N. Vijay Siva, the well known Carnatic music vocalist presents a unique full length concert on Vedantha in Chennai. He is supported by Shriramkumar on the Violin and Manoj Siva on the Mridangam. The concert will take place on Sunday, 12 August evening at Sivagami Pethachi auditorium, Alwarpet.

The purpose of the concert is to demonstrate how Vedantha as a concept is relevant to our lives today. When presented through the medium of music it makes it less threatening and more acceptable.

Vijay Siva along with Shriramkumar has taken great pains to structure the concert in such a way that key Vedanthic concepts are dealt with. In the process they have used compositions of Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar, Sri Thyagaraja, Sri Purandara Dasa, and Adi Sankara’ slokas too.

“This is the first time something like this is being attempted. We want to show that Vedantha is not a dry, boring subject. If approached correctly it has all the answers to our questions.“ says Vijay Siva.

The concert is being organised by Ramanathan Think Foundation Mumbai. R. Sridhar, founder says “This is in memory of our father. He loved Carnatic music and was student of Vedantha. He believed that clear thinking that Vedantha teaches will help us in our lives. Vedantha teaches us to ask simple piercing questions. That removes all doubt and confusion.”

The concert marks the launch of Ramanathan Think Foundation which focuses on helping youngsters acquire good thinking skills. It hopes to do this through a collaboration between young children, parents and teachers. The Foundation would play the role of a catalyst.

A Live Webcast free for rasikas outside Chennai has been arranged.

Ramanathan Think Foundation is a virtual organisation which will maximise the use of technology in connecting young students, parents and teachers. Its founder R. Sridhar is an Innovation Coach and runs IDEAS-RS (www.ideasrs.com). He says his mission is to help people who want to do things better, differently.

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