Teppam fest of Sri Kapali Temple to be from Jan.26 to 28

The annual teppam ( float) festival of Sri Kapali Temple is to be held on January 26, 27 and 28.

This was announced by the temple managers this week.

All religious events will take place in the evening in the temple and inside the tank where the float will carry the images of the deities – those of Lord Kapaleeswarar and goddess Karpagambal on the first day and that of Lord Singaravelan on the next two evenings.

The float will also carry musicians who will perform as the float is pulled across the tank water by volunteers.

A limited number of people and guests are allowed into the float to enjoy the rounds across the tank.

Work has just begun on building the float.

Hundreds of people sit on the steps of the tank and enjoy the spectacle.

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