Families come ‘home’ at Panguni fest time . . .

The Panguni festival at Sri Kapali Temple is also a time for Mylaporeans who have strong roots here to get together. To come back ‘home’. To soak in a one-of-its-kind celebration.

So, last week if you had stepped into one of the houses or apartments on the mada veedhis or on the streets and lanes radiating from the temple zone you would bump into people you used to see off and on. People who may have moved on in life but renew their ties at this time of the year.

Young Sharanya Chandrasekarn who is studying for her Masters in biomedical engineering in Germany flew in to time her visit with the festival. “I am here almost every year, ” says this resident of Brindavan Street, which is near Jammi Buildings.

Sharanya not only soaks in the festivities but shoots pictures that she can share with friends and relations. We bumped into her on Sunday last, the day of the ‘ther’.

She said that her relatives also treat her home as a base at festival time and take part in the vizha.

More on this feature story is on page 4 of the Mylapore Times E-Paper that is currently posted on www.mylaporetimes.com ( this will be available for viewing till April 6 only).

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