Mylaporeans’ donations help provide new washrooms for local school

A major project undertaken this summer by the Mylapore Times Charitable Trust (MTCT) has just got over.

Thanks to a few large hearted donors, including one young Mylaporean who donated Rs.25,000 and wished to remain unnamed, the project to renovate two washrooms at St Lazarus Middle School in R A Puram has been completed.

Now, the 1000 plus kids who got back to school on June 10 will have clean, new washrooms and drinking water lines.

The work was undertaken by Mylaporean Ramanath, who is also a Kartik Fine Arts sabha team member. He too made a quiet donation to this cause.

The Trust supports this school because it is small and well managed and because most kids come from poor families.

Funds will now be required to provide for uniforms and books to at least 100 kids who cannot afford to them and if censured, will drop out.

The Trust will need about Rs.80,000 this June and is seeking donations from Mylaporeans.

Also, scholarships will be given to a few students who were toppers in Std.VIII and will continue studies elsewhere. This budget is about Rs.25,000.

If you wish to donate, you can drop off a cheque at Mylapore Times or ask for staff to come by to pick it up.

MTCT is a regd. Trust and donations get tax exemption.

Call Mylapore Times’ Shanthi at 2498 2244.

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