Aadhaar process will hopefully start next week but in one division

The Aadhaar Card process in this part of the city will probably begin next week since preliminary preparations have just begun.

Asst. Revenue Officer Abdul Rous who sits at the zonal office in Adyar told Mylapore Times on Friday that the process will be undertaken step by step.

Here are extracts from a phone interview –

Why is there a delay in starting?

On our side, we had to get the OK from the Corporation Commissioner and that is about to be received. Meanwhile, we are making preparations on our side.

How far is the Corporation involved?

While the biometric work is carried out by vendors contracted by the Central Govt., and assisted by other staff, our divisional junior engineer and asst. engineer are the local facilitators. We guide the enumerators in the field.

How will the Aadhaar process information be communicated locally?

At our division office in each Corporation ward, there will be vinyl boards providing all basic info. Streets/colonies covered and so on.

Where will the biometric centre be based?

That will be in any local school or government office space that is convenient to the work, for storage and for public movement.

Are you covering the area in one go?

No. This process is now spread across the Mylapore-Adyar-Saidapet area. We will first start with a division in each area. Division 173 in Mylapore area is to be first covered  ( areas like KVB Gardens, Greenways, MRC Nagar and Karpagam Gardens and Rani Meyyammai School area. This will take a few weeks. We will then move to another set of wards (divisions).

What do people do if they do not get the Know Your Resident (KYR) form at the doorstep?

They can source one at the biometric centre.

And people who are out of their homes for long periods like touring abroad?

There will be special camps for people left out or not in station for long time.




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  1. It is ridiculous for the Chennai Corporation to conduct a campaign for Aadhaar Card. People like me who have already obtained Aadhaar Card, are again asked to apply afresh, as the existing one issued by UIDAI of Govt of India is not valid. How the card issued by the Govt of India, can be invalid. Is it because issued by some other Govt. How ridiculous is this? Lot of public money is wasted because thousands of people have already obtained Aadhaar Card, but all these cards are not valid.

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