Alumnae of Sir Sivaswami Ayyar Girls School have memorable meet

siva alumniThis was a quiet party, if you would like to call it one. When the alumnae of Lady Sivaswami Ayyar Girls School in Mylapore met up on Sunday last, January 26 there were a few emotional moments.

Moments for the women who chose to seek out the classrooms where they had once schooled, sit on the benches here and click keepsake pictures.

The tables and benches may have been new, but rewinding to the 80s for old girls like Seethalakshmi Subramanian and Rajashree Bhaskaran. The duo and their batch mates sought out the Class 12A classroom and shot pictures of themselves.

The meet was well organized; a reception desk to welcome the ‘girls’, some smart games to loosen up, informal meets and a finale by noon.

Photo featured here is courtesy of Seethalakshmi Subramanian.

3 Comments on “Alumnae of Sir Sivaswami Ayyar Girls School have memorable meet”

  1. Hi, I graduated 11th std in 1976. Ms. Satyabhama was the H M at that time. Would love to connect up with my classmates from the same batch. If I remember right, I was in 11A

  2. I am from 1973 batch of 11th std.I would like to attend the alumiini meeting .Miss Satyabhama was the H M at that time and Sumuki miss was the asst H M

  3. hi i belong to the 1978 batch. came back to chennai after 35 years and trying very badly to trace my batch mates and old teachers mrs.vasantha lakshmi and others.can u help?my contact no.7200015069

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