Police arrest gang behind doctor murder in R. A. Puram

Chennai City Police say they have arrested the gang of three and a doctor who is charged with hiring them to kill a city doctor who was brutally murdered in broad daylight in R. A. Puram late last year.

This group is said to have been paid by advocate Basil, related to the late Dr S. D. Subbiah, a neurosurgeon to commit the murder over a land dispute in Kanyakumari which turned dirty.

Basil is said to made contact with a doctor friend to help set up the gang to carry out the attack. Poice said that the Tirunelveli doctor had been promised Rs.50 lakhs for the job. But since the payment from Basil was delayed after he was caught and put behind bars, the gang whoch had been in hiding in Mumbai and then got back to their hometown began to murmur. Police seem to have picked up the murmurs that led to the arrests.

The CCTV footage taken from a camera located near the scene of crime, opposite the Billroth Hospitals where the deceased doctor consulted helped police identify the suspects.

Basil and his associate were arrested earlier and are on bail.

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