Bhavans plans a space for seniors

For many senior citizens who reside in the neighborhood of Sri Kapali Temple their evenings are spent often at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan: the music and dance events are just the diversions they enjoy when they step out of home. Now the Bhavan is thinking of creating a small space for the seniors.

This space, located close to the library on the ground floor will have tables and chairs where people can meet. There will also be magazines that people can pick up and read. Chatting will be allowed too!

This space, when ready will be welcome for those who are not too keen to listen to music at a recital at the BVB auditorium.

One Comment on “Bhavans plans a space for seniors”

  1. a laudable initaitive….. and worthwhile too.. seen many seniors at kutcheris and progras at bvb…

    however, bvb will also be a trailblazer if the facilities are disabled-friendly and accessible…if bvb would like to hold discussions with disability groups.. pl do let me know.. am part of an online disability group which as accessibility experts etc….

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