10 year old autistic savant to release music CD

Vishal Anand, a 10 year old autistic savant is releasing a collection of devotional songs titled ‘Smaranam’ – all written and composed by him on Dec 25. The music album will be launched by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar, founder and director, RASA. Gita Srikanth, director, We Can, will preside.

Vishal, an autistic child genius wrote his first book ‘Meadow of Moods’ at the age of 8 followed by another one titled ‘Jumbo’s Bag – words and phrases’ with emphasis on special children and their linguistic challenges. The lyrics for the album have been penned in four languages – Tamil, Sanksrit, Braj Basha and Malayalam.

At Bharathageetham Hall, Bheemanna Garden Street, Abhiramapuram, 6 p.m.

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