Artist Ramani displays a rare work of art


An exhibition of paintings by Ramani Dharmaraja, disciple of renowned musician and artist S. Rajam, was held at Oppilal School of Music and Arts at Abhiramapuram on Mar 29. Kumararani Meena Muthiah was the chief guest.

Ramani talks about her work, “About 14 water colour paintings in Ajanta and Ellora style were displayed. Duties performed by traditional women from dawn to dusk and deities like Ashthalakshmi, Sodhasa Ganapathi, Navagraham and several other Gods have been depicted”.

The only student of S. Rajam, Ramani plans to spread awareness about this rare style of painting. She conducts classes at the Oppilal School. For details contact the school at 54, Third Street, Abhiramapuram. Ph: 9444983007.

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