Nocchikuppam residents protest against huge delay in construction of homes

Residents of Nocchikuppam, a fishing colony located on the San Thome seashore have protested on Monday by stalling traffic on the arterial Kamaral Salai ( beach road). They raised issues about the huge delay in the TN Slum Clearance Board’s plan to build housing tenements for them. They said that they had been moved of the old apartments which were crumbling and lived in tin-shed quarters along the Lopp Road here. Now five years had gone by and there was no sign of construction of the promised buildings.

The process had been delayed when the enumeration showed that there were fake entries and hollow claims made by some families who claimed they were fishermen and should be counted.

The Board has promised living spaces for all fishing folks who used to live in the kuppam blocks. But thy delay now forces these families to live in poor and dirty conditions.

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