24×7 banking: Check out the e-lounges at local banks

INDIAN BANK E LOUNGEAn Indian Bank e-lounge was inaugurated by Mahesh Kumar Jain, MD and CEO of Indian Bank at the North Mada Street branch in Mylapore yesterday (July 9). The 300 sq. ft facility seeks to effectively reduce the transaction time by providing certain challan free services throughout the year.  Here are a few features of this facility:

– The e-lounge has four machines  – a cash acceptor, a cheque depositor, a passbook printer and an ATM which can be used on a 24×7 basis.

– Customers can deposit cash at any time. The cheque depositer machine will accept cash upto Rs. 2 lakhs with a pan number and upto Rs.50000 without a pan number.

– Pass book updation can be done at the pass book kiosk.

– Clearing cheques can be deposited by the customer at the cheque depositor and the machine acknowledges the cheque with a scanned copy of the cheque for account holder reference.

–   The facility is fully air-conditioned and has a seating area which can be used for banking transactions.

– Use your account number to get access to this facility.

For details contact the branch at 24642068, 9444391051.

Similar banking facilities are also available at the ‘E-Corner’ at the State Bank of India branch at 3rd Cross Street, R. A. Puram. This facility has three ATM machines, a self service kiosk (SSK) and a cheque dropping machine for clearing cheques.

The SSK has internet facilities which can be used to transfer funds. A new service which enables the transfer of funds with a mobile phone number – known as cordless banking has been introduced at this facility recently. For details contact the branch at 24355018, 24312633.


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