New art gallery to open in Abhiramapuram

A new art gallery is set to open on July 15. It is the new space of artist Ilango’s gallery which used to function elsewhere in the city.

Galerie K as the new one is called is at No. 62, 3rd Floor, 3rd Street, Abhiramapuram. The senior artist says this “is a bigger place which will help us to conduct many more programnes.”

The promoters hereĀ are planning art courses based on one year certificate and two year diplomas, workshops on traditional Indian folk paintings like Kalamkari, Madhubani, Patachitra, etc.

They add,”We will also be conducting Design courses Art Appreciation courses and Spoken English courses for artists.”.

On July 15, classical dancer Gopika Varma’s students will perform and alongside, a few artists will paint. Open to all.