Work starts on creating central pavement on Luz Church Road

Civic workers have begun to create a central pavement on Luz Church Road but many Mylaporeans are wondering what purpose this is going to serve in the long run.

The design for this road include a central pavement, some 6 to 8 feet wide which will run from the Nageswara Rao Park junction to the Luz Circle junction.

This is in addition to the wider and cement pavements with bollards planned and executed now on the northern and southern sides of this road which is now ‘on-way- to motorized traffic.

While the designers of this project have envisioned a central pavement for people to walk up and down freely and have even designed street furniture and display boards set up here, many residents of this area of Mylapore wonder if pedestrians will brave the stream of traffic on both sides of the road to get to the central pavement and walk up or down.