E-toilet installed near Mundagakanni Amman Railway Station

E-toiletAn etoilet installed near Mundagakanni Amman Railway Station, Mylapore is one of the many portable and ecofriendly toilets developed and stationed by Eram Scientific in the city recently. Electronics, mechanical and web mobile technologies control entry, usage, cleaning, exit and remote monitoring capabilities in these toilets.

This is how it works. The insertion of a coin opens the door of the toilet and switches on a light. The toilets are programmed to flush 1.5 litres of water after 3 minutes of usage or 4.5 litres if the usage is longer. It also has a programme which will completely clean the toilet after 5 or 10 people use it.

A mobile app which provides information on the availability of toilets in different areas can be freely downloaded by android users from the Google play store by typing the keyword ‘etoilets’.

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