Photographer dies in Luz Circle accident

A Mylapore-based freelance photographer lost his life in an accident which took place at Luz Circle late on Wednesday night. Police said that the photographer was riding a bike and after dropping off a friend at Luz Circle, had turned into Kutchery Road when he was hit by a speeding van at this junction.

It is not clear from which wide the van was traveling. The driver of the van speed off soon after the bike was knocked down. The photographer did not survive the hit.

Local residents later said that since the CCTV cameras fitted at Luz Circle do not function the accident was not recorded.

One Comment on “Photographer dies in Luz Circle accident”

  1. This is sad. Such incidents happen because of people who ignore signal warnings, drive rash, have least concern for others and above all because they know they wont be punished for their deeds. It is important for investment and execution of actions to improve road infrastructure. Beautification of pavements and medians can wait. We need to have smart people using the infrastructure with appropriate enablers through simple not-so-old technology than investing in latest expensive ‘Smart Technology’ which leaves people out of the equation. We need to have robust signalling systems, working CCTVs at all junctions, enforcement of punishments for violations, adequate and scientifically placed speed breakers and pedestrian crossings and safe pavements (devoid of open power junction boxes and other potential unsafe obstructions that block the pavement forcing pedestrians onto the roads). Hawkers and roadside vendors are a smaller problem and can be accommodated with mutual benefit. Presently, the focus doesn’t seem to be in the right direction with regard to road infrastructure at many places in the city.

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