Balakrishnan Street residents say water is getting polluted

There seems to be something seriously wrong with the water and sewage system that feeds the zone of Balakrishna Street, Dwaraka Colony and Brindavan Street and around.

Each area has had its problems in the past and much has been addressed. But now, Balakrishnan Street is witnessing sewage water pollution and things have gone so bad that residents staged a protest outside Metrowater’s local office on Brindavan Street.

The street has been at the severe end of civic problems – for almost two years the street lay dug up for various civic projects that dragged on and on. Now, the water/sewage lines seem to be contributing to leaks and pollution.

Says Ramaswamy, a resident of Brindavan Street, “WE used to have such problems and Metrowater set them right but Balakrishnan Street has had a bad time for some years now.”


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  1. Dear Sir,

    This refers to subject matter. Yes. I am the resident of Balakirshna Road and we are facing this problem (supply of polluted water with very bad smell)from May 1 onwards instead of potable water. I have made several complaints thru Metrowater helpline, personal visits to metrowater office at Brindhavan Road, talking to the AE Incharge and his Superiors. All my efforts went in vain and we have been purchasing the water thru private water supplier. The worst part is when the AE visited our Apartments (Shreyas) suggested to keep the supply between morning 0630 hours to 1000 hours (i.e. the time of water pumping) and rest of the the supply can be closed as polluted/muddy water may come at any time and advised us to go for ‘Cane Water’ for drinking purpose. He was more focussed to take photo on his cell – testing the water, etc. to show his action t the public rather than finding a concrete solution. He is highly irresponsible in addressing the queries of the public. I fully vouch the statement made by other resident of Brindavan Street.. I request the concerned authorities to look into the important issue on ‘war footing’ and resolve. We all paying the water charges to the Government for supply of potable water not for supply of polluted water…..

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